Trade vs. Cash Liquidation

Corporate Barter is an over $4B industry and growing 10% annually

Why Trade?

Puts your obsolete or excess (problem) inventory/assets to work for you.

Improve your cash flow

Spend Trade Credit as partial payment of key business expenses. – thus reducing cash expenditures.

Enhance inventory margins

Exchange inventory for Trade Credit valued at up to Full Wholesale.

What is a Trade Credit?

$1 of Trade Credit = $1 in Cash

  • CBA buys overstock or excess inventory with Trade Credit.
  • Trade Credit can be used as partial payment for budgeted goods or service expenses.
  • Examples are Logistics, Media, Raw Materials, and Capital Equipment.
  • Example of spending Trade Credit:  A client spends $3M annually on ocean freight.  Using Trade Credit as partial payment, they could pay $2.7M in cash and then $300k in Trade Credit, thus saving $300k in cash flow.

Many of the Fortune 1,000 companies continue to successfully engage in Corporate Barter programs

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