How it Works

1. Identify Problem Asset. A Problem asset is any corporate asset that when required to be sold, does not have sufficient cash value in order to meet book or wholesale value resulting in negative accounting issues such as write offs or reserves. Typical assets are slow moving, obsolete, short code date/sell-by date, overproduced inventories and other corporate assets such as unneeded real estate/leases and used Capital equipment.

2. Determine any restrictions on where the asset may be redistributed.

3. Identify and quantify Trade Usage areas.

4. Provide bona fide, non-qualified Purchase Offer; typically 2-3 times Higher value than cash liquidation pricing.

5. Sell Asset under mutually agreed to Remarketing plan.

6. Utilize Trade Credit; reduce cash needed for goods and services regularly required in the normal operation of the business.

7. Review, monitor and measure Trade usage plans.